We focus on providing services for security systems and HD CCTVs such as network camera, analogue camera, fisheye camera and wireless camera.

HIK Technology Sdn Bhd an experienced supplier and installer for security systems. We are mainly involved in installing home alarm systems, access controls, digital door locks, auto gates, parking barrier gates, solar CCTV systems and thermal temperature screening systems. 

 Every day we have installed a surveillance camera and access control around Klang Valley and nearest state (Melaka, Negeri Sembilan). Currently, we have more than four installation teams. Besides, we also have excellent after-sales service, and well trained in-house technicians to guide you whenever you encounter any problem. 

CCTV Surveillance Camera Installation
CCTV Security System

A video surveillance system can help many owners and users protect their belongings while developing a safe environment around the residential. With the intelligent technology improvement, the digital video recorder (DVR) system has featured remote access via the internet. You can easily access your security system and monitor your home through your laptop and smartphone.

Dahua and Hikvision CCTV are the most preferred security camera brand for the customer. The customer has satisfied with the performance and features that both brands provide, such as IR infrared, WDR technology, built-in audio and mic. For plug-and-play CCTV, we will suggest customers go with EZviz CCTV. It has an easy installation step yet extremely powerful and suitable for your home. Its highlight features are two-way communication, tilt-pan 360 degrees view, and a wire-free security camera.

Access Control & Door Lock System

The fingerprint access system is one of the most effective methods to monitor worker’s attendance. ZKTeco has over plenty of fingerprint scanners and an attendance system that suitable for small and large businesses. Most of ZKTeco access control supports more than 1,000 face templates, fingerprint templates, and card templates. For construction site workers, we provide an app for them to check in and check out to cut a management cost.

ZKTeco biometric access can control movement in one organization or place. This system will give access only to those who can verify their identity at both the entrance and exit doors. ZKTeco upgrades their technology and uses face recognition in attendance and biometric system to adapt with new technology. Our customers were impressed with the performance and satisfied with their friendly-user operating interface, bringing them a smooth user experience.

Home Alarm System​
Home Alarm System

We offer two types of alarm systems, wired alarm systems and wireless alarm systems. We try to provide a complete alarm solution for your home and business that suit your need.  Our objective to make people aware that burglar alarm can save their properties and protect their beloved ones. Vivos and Bluguard alarm system is our best selling since we established this company. We have an experienced technician and installation team to fulfill your requirement.

Our system can send you a warning notification to your smartphone if any suspicious activities are happening inside your house. Make your life safer and smoother. We also provide alarm accessories such as smoke detectors, PIR motion detectors, magnet door sensors, vibration door sensors, and internal and external sirens. If you are looking for a home alarm system that offers complete protection, we have it here. 

Key Phone & Intercom System​
Key Phone & Intercom System

The key phone system usually suits small and medium-sized businesses. It allows users to call in-office extensions and allows only a single user to hold the line. The number of extensions supported by this system ranges from five to forty extensions. The design makes communication in the organization smooth and efficient. 

Hikvision video intercom provides efficient and convenient two-way audio and video verification for entry control. The best part is video intercom systems can be integrated with CCTV and alarm systems. User can identify their guest before permitting them to enter the house or office. This complete security will secure your building from unknown and random people who try to trespassing. It adds protection for video intercom products used in residential areas or commercial premises that require higher security levels. 

Solar Panel System

A solar panel is a new technology in Malaysia. There are many benefits we can have from the solar panel system. A solar panel can change sunlight to power for daily usage. The power generated from the solar system can accommodate and turn on CCTV cameras, street lights, and other electronic devices. 

With this technology, users can install CCTV even in the middle of the wood. Solar panels are suitable for places that do not have any access or connectivity to energy nearby. Some of our users install it in their house to cut monthly bills. This eco-friendly technology will protect our resources for future generations. 

Turnstile & Barrier Gate System

We supply a wide range of turnstile gates such as full height turnstile, optical swing turnstile, optical flap turnstile, and tripod turnstile. All these turnstile gates have their safe access during emergencies and power outages. Turnstile arms completely collapse, to ensuring users can exit the lane in an emergency situation. When the power is on, the arm will automatically lift up to form a fast lane.

We also provide barrier gate system solution suitable for indoor and outdoor parking areas at the airport, shopping mall, warehouse, hotel, factories, condominiums, car rental companies, and others. It can also be customized to be used together with any auto-pay ticketing parking or access control system. With technology improvement, it can handle high traffic fast through.


Auto Gate System

An auto gate system facilitates the movement of vehicles going in and out of landed homes. It is a secured gate system that helps owners to save time simultaneously. The gate is not able to open with force, instead only those who are allowed access can enter the yard. We offer sliding auto gate and swing arm auto gate for your home. 

An auto gate system facilitates the movement of vehicles going in and out of landed homes. It is a secured gate system that helps owners to save time simultaneously and conveniently. Instead, the gate cannot open with force, and only those who are allowed access can enter the yard. We can integrate an auto gate with a solar panel to cut and save more electricity.


Thermal & Temperature Screening System​
Thermal & Temperature Screening System

With the ongoing pandemic, physical contact is highly discouraged. Temperature screening is an effective way to detect body temperature while reducing physical contact accurately. This technology is very suitable for schools, shopping malls and crowded public transport stations.

Users need to pass the thermal system, and the device will detect and scan your body temperature. If someone who passed has a high body temperature, the thermal will trigger the alarm and blink white light from the device. Even in crowd areas, this device can still scan the body temperature accurately. It is so relevant to use it in your office to prevent any worst situation.


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