Auto Gate System

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We offer sliding auto gate and swing arm auto gate for your home. An auto gate system facilitates the movement of vehicles going in and out of landed homes. It is a secured gate system that helps owners to save time simultaneously and conveniently. Instead, the gate cannot open with force, and only those who are allowed access can enter the yard. We can integrate an auto gate with a solar panel to cut and save more electricity.

casa asia 327
Casa Asia 327 Auto Gate System
  • Backup battery
  • For gate up to 800kg
  • Simple and elegant design
  • Pedestrian limit opening
  • Sturdy, compact structure
  • Multifunction indoor LED indicator / buzzer
  • High quality electronic and mechanical components
  • IP67
Casa Asia SG-350
Casa Asia SG-350 Auto Gate System
  • Waterproof and designed to with stand exposure to sunlight
  • 3 types of sound buzzer to differential the gate status by wired keypad
  • An obstruction to the beam sensor triggers the alarm action, siren will turn on
  • Auto close if you forget to close your gate
  • The gate will reverse if there in an obstacle the motion.