Discover the world of security technologies

CCTV Surveillance Camera Installation

How IoT Is Reshaping The Future Of Video Surveillance

Closed circuit TV structures (CCTV) have proved that they are able to do what they`re meant to: deliver human beings a better vision on the safety scenario..

Home Alarm System​

10 Reasons to Get a Home Alarm System

 We probably know someone who has lost electronics, jewelry, or other high-value items due to a home invasion. 

Solar Panel System​

Solar-Powered Smart Wireless Camera

Wireless smart camera platform products for public space monitoring provide a very detailed comparison of the latest platforms.

Access Control & Smart Door Lock System

The most 6 important features of the Smart Door Lock

The idea behind the latest smart locks is to combine useful features. Secure access control method with internet connection and remote convenience Control. 

Barrier Gate

3 Advantages of Barrier Gate System

A Barrier Gate, also known as a boom gate, is a bar or pole pivoted to allow the boom to block vehicular or pedestrian access through a controlled point.

Digital and Smart Door Lock

3 Advantages Smart Door Lock System

Instead of using a key to unlock the door, the digital door lock uses an actuator to connect the deadbolt mechanism to a small electronically controlled motor.

Motion Sensor Alarm System

5 Advantages of Motion Sensor

It can be used in very harse environment having irregular heat cycles (Active Motion Sensor). It has more lifespan which is about 100000 Hrs (Active type).

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